About NWDA

The mission of the Northwest Dharma Association is to support Buddhist teachings, practice, and community in the Pacific Northwest.

The Northwest Dharma Association is a voluntary membership organization of Buddhist temples, organizations, and informal groups in the greater Pacific Northwest. While NWDA reserves the right to define what constitutes a Buddhist group for the purpose of membership qualification, our intention is to be an association open to all groups and individuals dedicated to Buddhist teaching and practice.

NWDA also serves as a clearinghouse of information about the Northwest Buddhist community. NWDA does not endorse or vouch for other organizations’ events, practices, or projects that appear in the NWDA’s printed or online calendars, directories, or articles.The Northwest Dharma Association offers its website information and online News freely, at no charge, to anyone who is interested in learning more about Buddhism in the Northwest.

Our work is supported through Group Member dues and individual donations.

Please consider supporting our work by becoming a member of Northwest Dharma Association. Please consider making an additional donation. Our work depends on the generosity of individuals like you.