Serving you as editor of NW Dharma News


It’s a great honor to have been asked to serve the larger dharma community as editor of Northwest Dharma News.

It’s humbling to follow in the footsteps of the illustrious Julie Welch, editor for the last four years, who has set a standard that will be hard to meet. Many thanks to Julie for her gracious guidance, as I’ve put together this spring issue. And thanks to the NW Dharma board, and the organization’s many supporters, for making this possible.

Northwest Dharma News is a platform for communication within the Northwest Dharma Community, complementing the organization’s rich website. The news, published online quarterly, is widely read throughout the Northwest, and increasingly, around the world.

The purpose of the publication is to inform readers about the many developments, and expressions of growth and creativity, within this region’s flourishing dharma community. We plan to continue in the rhythm set by Julie, offering a mix of Buddhist groups’ news, and stories about significant events that everyone couldn’t attend. We’ll also be looking for pieces about art events or happenings with a Buddhist connection, after those events have happened, as well as pieces about activism and social engagement connected with the Buddhist community.

We want to share stories about people, be they leading teachers or normally hidden individuals doing extraordinary things.

(One boundary is we don’t run pieces that are essentially announcements. Those go in the site’s regional calendar.)

To do all this we’ll need your help.

In the interdependence of things this publication is everyone’s, and we depend on all of you for ideas, and for contributions. So please think about the readers, and keep your minds open for anything you think is interesting, that might be a good contribution for the news.

Let’s keep an open dialogue. If you have an idea, a tip, please send it in. If you want to contribute something, please tell us your idea.

Our goal here is to make all of this a collaborative, harmonious and growth-filled experience for everyone. We hope to help support the unfolding of each dharma group in the region, and each person. We thank you in advance, for your support.

Steve Wilhelm